Antioch Med Membership

Antioch Med was founded with the mission to provide accessible, affordable, high-quality, and full-spectrum primary care. Achieving this mission is only possible through Direct Primary Care (DPC), a newer model of care that restores the doctor-patient relationship by removing unnecessary third parties. DPC is a return to the good old days of medicine when family doctors knew their patient's whole families, delivered babies, and treated their patients as people and friends instead of a number or a disease.

At Antioch Med we do not accept any insurance or third party payments, and instead offer an affordable monthly membership that allows greater flexibility and value for patients. The membership model also keeps any third parties from influencing the doctor-patient relationship and allows our doctors to practice medicine the way it was intended - for the patient's benefit. DPC greatly reduces the cost of primary health care delivery, a benefit that we pass onto our patients. Patients still need insurance to cover catastrophic or unexpected health care events, but all your routine primary care can be taken care of through an Antioch Med membership. Other benefits of this model include:

Better Access

  • Same day or next day appointments

  • Flexible visit times and technology visits (phone, text, video)

  • Your physician's personal phone number

Better Service

  • Timely and longer appointments

  • Customized care from a doctor who knows your story

  • Inpatient and OB services available

Better Value

  • Affordable monthly membership fee

  • In-house medications with at cost prescriptions

  • Free or low cost procedures

  • Negotiated and reduced price lab and imaging


Access to your doctor and numerous services are yours through an affordable monthly membership. Membership pricing is based on age or family size, as seen below: 

Individual Membership

  • Age 0-19 - $30/month
    ($15 with adult membership)

  • Age 20-39 - $45/month

  • Age 40-64 - $60/month

  • Age 65+ - $75/month

Family Membership

  • 4+ family members in same household: 10% off the total combined age based rates

Custom Membership

  • Call for pricing on:
    Unique needs, such as frequent home visits, nursing home, end of life care or anything else you feel is not listed.

If you would like to sign-up now, please click here. If you have questions please Contact us. We love helping patient's understand the benefits of Antioch Med and Direct Primary Care and will take whatever time necessary to answer your questions. If it isn't right for you, no worries and we will help find you a doctor who is - no pressure!