Primary Care
Antioch Med offers comprehensive medical care as you would expect from any Family Practice clinic including treatment of acute illnesses and chronic diseases for children and adults, wellness education, laboratory testing, office procedures, and coordination of care with specialists when needed. Our services, however, extend well beyond what is expected from a usual clinic.

       Medication      *Price   %off
Lipitor 40mg #30    $5.47     85%
        Z-pack #6        $7.34      67%
          Flonase          $5.81      83%
 Mobic 15mg #30    $1.22      80%
Norvasc 10mg #30  $1.03     76%
*Pricing subject to change based on wholesale supply cost.

Prescription Benefits
Antioch Med runs our own in-house pharmacy and buys medications from the same wholesalers as large professional pharmacies. However, unlike Walgreens or CVS we have no reason to mark up the prices for our meds and do not make money on this service. Instead, we get to pass on the prescription savings (usually 50-90% off retail cash price) to our patients as an added benefit to your membership. These savings often cover the costs of membership. When you consider signing up with our clinic we would be glad to review your medications and find savings for you! See our friend Dr. Neu's website for approximately comparable pricing - he uses the same wholesale meds as us.

Wholesale Labs and Imaging
Similar to prescriptions, by cutting out the middle man and negotiating directly with lab and imaging facilities we save our patients drastically. Once again, we don't make money off these services, but pass on the benefit to our members. *Example prices subject to change over time.

Lab Pricing*
Blood Count  $1.70
Metabolic Panel  $3.75
Lipid Panel $3.50
Thyroid Function $1.70
Hemoglobin A1c  $3.30

Image Pricing*
Chest X-Ray $50
Kidney Ultrasound $105
CT Head $190
CT Chest $245
MRI L-Spine $375

Unparalleled Access
As a member of Antioch Med, you can choose how you would like to receive your care. It really is the closest thing to having a doctor in the family. Got a question about a rash or a funny looking mole? Send your doctor a picture message or Facetime/Skype. Prefer to meet face to face, but are busy with work? Your doctor can meet you over your break. Difficult to get out of the house? We do house calls. Got a cut in the middle of the night? No worries, you have your doctor's home phone number and he says he will meet you at the office for stitches at no extra charge. Kid sick with a sore throat? Forget the ER or Urgent Care, we will see you today. We really are here for you!

Most procedures that we can do in the office are included in your membership. These include: biopsies, stitches, EKGs, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, joint injections, cryotherapy (wart/skin tag removal), and more. Specialty medications used in injections, products such as those used for casts and splints, and pathology services are billed at our wholesale costs. We plan to add additional procedures such as outpatient endoscopy (EGD and Colonoscopy), vasectomies, colposcopy, and others as the need arises and we see benefit for our patients. Regardless, we are always transparent with our pricing so you can make informed decisions.

Inpatient, Specialty, and Obstetric Care
One of the benefits of great primary care is reduced needs for specialty care including hospitalizations. In the rare event that you do need hospital or need specialty care, we often can take care of you in the hospital as our doctors have privileges at Via Christi for pediatrics, adults, and obstetrics. We work closely with our local specialists to ensure that you are getting appropriate and cost effective care, and soon will be adding telemedicine consultations with specialists through RubiconMD. Antioch Med will also expand our obstetrics coverage in 2017 with outpatient prenatal care and inpatient deliveries. These services help to define the full-spectrum care that Family Practice physicians are best positioned to offer and benefit our patients.